Tis the season

Between such varied projects as his Discworld and Mad Max characters, Finnish builder Eero Okkonen has been working on a series of LEGO sculptures depicting the four seasons personified as female spirits. Eero capitalizes on his signature technique that blends System and Bionicle pieces, including some great use of leaf parts as well. My favorite has to be the representation of Spring, with her windblown hair and a dress that utilizes balloon parts from a certain LEGO Friends set (parts I always thought would be useless, but which builders continue to make great use of).


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  1. Nicholas

    I went to the High School of Art & Design and FIT both in Manhattan, NY, I was a theatrical costume design major. I also taught in A&D for a year…yes, you are right—costume design. I am noted for the many costumes I designed for DC Comics Superheroes. When I tell you Eero Okkonen these designs (creations) floored me, they did, I have yet to see fabrics done so extremely well done as yours. Each one is my favorite for a different reason like the petal skirt of the first one, to the silhouette of the white gown in the second, the jumper of the second and the boots of the last one are great demonstrations of Eero’s understanding of woman’s fashion! BRAVO!!!!

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