Who wants smoothies?

Continuing the series of we can’t believe no one thought to incorporate that container piece into a build before, newcomer Caleb Flutur shows us how to use those tall Pick-a-Brick cups for something other than storing your extra long plates and technic pins. Amazingly, this blender is one-hundred-percent LEGO. The handle is held in place by LEGO magnets, the cord is made of hinge cylinders, and there’s even a rubber seal inside to prevent smoothie splash back.

PAB Cup Blender 1

I know, I know. We just told you that if you want to be blogged on The Brothers Brick, please do not to take your photos on your kitchen table or against the wall. What gives? Well, Caleb’s photo is an obvious exception to that rule because placing this blender on a kitchen counter tricked me into thinking, at first glance, that it was real. If you want to be blogged, always remember to use our “three easy steps” and your best judgment when photographing your builds. And most importantly have fun!

3 comments on “Who wants smoothies?

  1. Deus

    I was actually tricked the other way around; the wall’s pattern made me think it too was made out of LEGO.

  2. Polynices

    I was going to say the exact same thing as Deus. That wall looks like stacked LEGO plates. Perfect backdrop for something actually made out of LEGO.

  3. Andrew

    I think that the “ordinariness” of the presentation is a huge reason this works so well. There’s always an exception that proves the rule!

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