You can now follow TBB on Google+ and Pinterest [News]

With a couple hundred thousand regular readers here on TBB each month, we do our best to get great LEGO content to you wherever you are, whether it’s links to posts on Facebook and Twitter, photos on Flickr, or the occasional video on YouTube. To help you get your LEGO fix in even more places, we’ve just enabled posts on Google+, and we’re curating a couple of boards on Pinterest.

TBB on Pinterest

Are there other places you’d like to see posts from TBB? Let us know in the comments.

3 comments on “You can now follow TBB on Google+ and Pinterest [News]

  1. JonDM

    Just a quick FYI on Pinterest – if you’re pinning items that aren’t on, be sure to put the name in the description (i.e. pinned by because when it’s re-pinned by someone else there’s no longer a way to track down the original pinner. While that might sound like a ridiculous sentence, it might help drive some traffic to this website.

  2. Andrew Post author

    ^ Good tip, thanks! I’m not sure we’ll be pinning much from elsewhere, but that’s definitely a really useful idea. :-)

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