Want an Egyptian mummy of your own? Build it from LEGO!

We’ve come to appreciate the amazing brick-built animals created by AnActionfigure — each one has seemed more life-like than the last. But life would not be life without death, and so I was quite pleased to see the builder’s take on an Egyptian mummy. I’ve seen a number of mummies, not least of which the great Ramses II himself in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and AnActionFigure has captured the look of a mummy wonderfully, from desiccated flesh and exposed bone to the linen wrappings.

Egyptian Mummy

If that’s not creepy enough, the mummy’s eyes open and close with a switch at the back of its neck.

Egyptian Mummy Egyptian Mummy

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  1. mgddune

    I love your posts. You have some amazing builds here. I’m just starting to learn about advanced building techniques. I was wondering if you could suggest a few good resources that would help me on this journey? Thanks.

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