Ignoring for a moment that the word “meme” was actually invented to mean something rather different (grrrr, Internet), memes seem to have become the mode of self-expression for our age. So if you’re gonna meme about LEGO, it makes sense to do it with LEGO, right? To help you out, I have created uncaptioned LEGO replicas of some well-known meme templates. Grumpy Cat and Y-U-NO you may already know, but say hello to Doge, Cuteness Overload and Success Kid!


I’m making these images completely public domain. That means you are free to share them, edit them, upload them to your favorite meme generator website, or crack out the old Impact font and caption these to express your opinion on all things LEGO. And as an added bonus, The 2 Awesome Guys have also offered up an uncaptioned version of their excellent LEGO Spiderman meme:

Once you’ve finished spamming all your Facebook friends and favorite Sub-Reddits with your masterpieces, make sure to post them in the LEGO Memes Flickr group too. We’ll be keeping an eye out for the best ones, and featuring them in coming weeks.