BrickCon 2015 happens in Seattle this weekend! [News]

My feed today is overflowing with photographs of sunny downtown Seattle posted by fellow LEGO builders arriving in town. I guess that means BrickCon must be happening! On Thursday morning, builders from all four corners of the globe will begin setup of the 30,000 square foot space for this 14th incarnation of the longest running LEGO fan convention on the planet.

CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS for the public exhibition. That way you won’t have to stay in line as long when you get there. And when you’re done enjoying all the creations and have blown your wad at the vendor stalls, remember that the Seattle Center is at your disposal for fun and frolicking.

The public exhibition runs from 10-4 Saturday, 9-3 Sunday. BrickCon is the home convention of the Brothers Brick, so most of us will there for the festivities (we’re the dweebs in the green shirts!). Will the lemur be there too? Who can say ;-)

As always, I will be LIVE TWEETING photos from all four days of the event, including sneak peeks at all the secret fun and games that go on outside public hours. You have been warned!

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