Thunder run

When Andrew Somers posted his M1A3 Abrams on flickr sometime last year, I was impressed by the details and its shape. However, I did not like it being grey when real tanks rarely are.


The model is still as grey as ever, but he has taken it to another level by adding a completely brick-built backdrop, complete with rubble in the street and a realistic-looking explosion; an effect that is enhanced by the depth of focus. This just goes to show that you don’t always have to photograph your model against a neutral background to get it blogged here!

2 comments on “Thunder run

  1. Zrath

    My tank-loving friend’s name has been misspelled as Andrew Summers.
    His actual name is Andrew Somers.
    Please fix it before he notices and sends in some rolling thunder. :)

  2. Ralph Post author

    Thanks for the heads up. I fixed it. Goes to show you that I remember names by what they sound like; not by how they’re spelled.

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