Sleeping Beauty Castle

Many of us recognize the Sleeping Beauty Castle as a Disney icon, and thanks to the work of Stephle59 you can see what it looks like as a minifigure-scale Lego creation. The pink bricks set the model apart from just about any other castle I’ve seen. It doesn’t look like a bad place to take a nap!

Once Upon a Time... The Sleeping Beauty Castle

2 comments on “Sleeping Beauty Castle

  1. ktulu

    This looks like a hybrid between Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella castle to me, but more on the Cinderella side. Putting Cinderella in the gate skews my vote toward Cinderella Castle as well. And the coach…

  2. Stephle59

    @Ktulu : No it isn’t an hybrid. It really is the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Cinderella and its carriage are here because it was presented to a french exhibition: Fana’briques. The Castle is a part of a collaborative diorama presented during this event. More pics on my flickr ;)
    PS : Many thanks to TBB team having blogged this ^^

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