LEGO 8 foot 9 inch Tower of Orthanc

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a MEGA Tower of Orthanc. The last one, by OneLUG, stood at a staggering seven feet tall. But records are made to be broken, and in this case in style.

Brendan M (LegoRyu42) has done the unbelievable making his 1/65th scale version almost two feet taller:

But what’s impressive isn’t simply the wonderful details and immense height, it’s that it has AN INSIDE (and here’s another picture for scale):

The tower is made from 9 individual stack-able sections, plus towery penthouse. All of which are wired for lighting. This tower was on display at Brickworld, and of course took home the Best Mega Creation award.

Check out the amazing gallery of all the little details in this mega creation.

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