May you always make your saving throw

Dungeons and Dragons, the grand-pappy of role playing games, has endured decades of poor imitations, ill-conceived spin-off products, and even the arrival of the digital age. Yet today it remains a permanent fixture of popular culture, and the new 5th edition rules look to be the best version yet. Love him or hate him, most D&D fans will recognize Dungeon Master (aka “Red Yoda”) from the short-lived Dungeons and Dragons TV show, recreated here in all his super-patronizing glory by Chris van Vliet.

After dragging a bunch of kids into the D&D universe to do his dirty work, and providing cryptic clues in order to avoid being legally implicated, it turned out in the end that Dungeon Master could have returned them to Earth at any time. More like “puppet master”. What a git!

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  1. LukeClarenceVan

    Hmm… Just finished all the JourneyQuest and Gamers episodes from Dead Gentlemen Productions, so I might have to check that show out. Splendid MOC!

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