41074 Azari and the Magical Bakery [Review]

The third Elves set up for review is 41074 Azari and the Magical Bakeryicon. I picked this one up at Toys R Us, and you can buy it online. This set comes with 324 pieces for $29.99.

41074 Azari and the Magical Bakery

This set comes with three numbered bags and loose plates. It does involve some stickers; I opted not to sticker this one.

This set features Azari and her little fox friend, who is, incidentally, a firefox. He is adorable; I just can’t get behind his name. The copy for the set says his name is Flamy. Such GREAT names for the other characters, and then you have Flamy. I really like the printing and design of Azari. The gold and red really work for me.

The set begins with a small table and a few cupcakes, which is a simple design.

You’re introduced as well to Johnny Baker (another brilliant name. Really?) with his flaming red hair. This hairpiece also seems to suffer from mismatched color on the ears.

41074 Azari and the Magical BakeryThe first bag completes the base and the miniature volcano-oven, along with the magic purple tree. The lava flow is really quite clever, and I like the colors. Pushing in on the little flame symbol reveals the magic key. I do want to point out that these keys have a stud connection on just one side. The little volcano features two pink 5-point crystals.

As you open the third bag and begin the bakery proper, you’ll find a single pearl-cold fence piece with the new design. It is really nice. You’ll also find a new bright lime green leaf; here’s a photo comparing it with the existing green colors LEGO offers. The new piece is, of course, at the bottom.

41074 Azari and the Magical BakeryThe third bag finishes off the little bakery. It’s a cute façade. You have a printed 2×2 round tan tile with the new flame motif. The rest of the building is basic tan, with magenta highlights. The base of the volcano is bright light orange, and you get a number of basic plates and bricks in this color. The little mushroom is a trans-sparkle radar dish.

Behind the front of the bakery is a fairly detailed little play set. You do have the ingredients, bowl, and a rolling pin on a table with what I presume is dough. You can slide the piece through the volcano lava oven, and reveal a baguette.

This is another solid buy. The parts are excellent, and the build is fun, if not a little lacking for my personal taste, with just the one wall. It definitely achieves what it’s supposed to, and creates a nice little play set with great colors in great parts.

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