A Shady Deal

(Goh 9) A Shady Deal

Vitreolum has some shenanigans going on in the shade of this wonderful, Middle-Eastern inspired fortress. I especially like the use of plate hinges to texture the walls and using orc swords to replicate the hinges on the door is brilliant. I also have to comment on his fig posing. Without those three figs, this build would be nice but dead. The simple placement of the guard looking over shoulder and the “traders” on the ground below really makes this come alive.

9 comments on “A Shady Deal

  1. ZCerberus

    Another Guilds of Historica build without being credited as such. The title is even (Goh 9 A Shady Deal). Some recognition of this project on some of the MOCs posted would be appreciated.

  2. Josh Post author

    @ZCerberus – Seriously? Comments like this make me think twice about highlighting any roleplay MOCs. Just so you know, I left out the GoH reference on purpose. I felt it was irrelevant. The vast majority of our readers don’t care and the time spent explaining it takes away from the build. If our readers care what projects certain MOCs are created for, they can read the description on the pictures. It has nothing to do with why I choose to highlight something. There are so many role-plays, collaborations and contests going on, I choose not to keep up with them. I have little to no interest in most of them. I pay attention to builds.

  3. Umbra-Manis

    As an outsider looking in, I don’t believe GOH is really a role-play, but more of never ending collaborative display of a medieval world. I think it looks like phenomenal and I would join, but there is that whole no TFoL on Eurobricks rule.

  4. ZCerberus

    It’s your post and if that is your decision, so be it. I disagree, however, that people are never interested in the background projects themselves.

  5. Josh Post author

    @ZCerberus – I didn’t say people are never interested. I said that most are not. I also said people who are interested can follow links in the descriptions written by the builders. I see you don’t do that in your descriptions. Any builder who wants people to know about the projects in which they are involved can easily provide links to those projects. For that matter, a builder who is highlighted here can write a comment and link to the project. If you care so much about GoH, why haven’t you provided links here or in your descriptions?

  6. Josh Post author

    @Umbra-Manis – Are you saying that I shouldn’t have commented that the gun is from Halo? Lots of people are interested in Halo MOCs and Video Game MOCs in general. Do I really have to explain how referencing Halo is different from advertising a role-play that some people are running?

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