Ask a Lemur – Our new intern answers all your questions and more!

Greetings, Dear Readers!  Allow me to introduce myself.  I am The Brothers Brick’s intern and I have been given the honor of answering the tasty mail that you send to us.

I am a green-tailed lemur from the island of Madagascar and am very happy to be working in the TBB compound.  This “mailbag” feature is my own invention.  I got the idea after noticing that the lovely paper that I was given for lunch had messages on it.  When I asked Master Andrew about them, he said they were from our readers and that I could eat them.  The messages that is, not the readers.  He said the other contributors were too busy to deal with the mail, but that I was free to do as I pleased as long as the coffee was fresh and his Bugatti Veyron was washed.

I plan to answer a few questions each week.  In this first post I will answer some common questions we have received.  If you have questions that you would like me to answer, either serious or silly, real or imagined, please ask. Here we go!

Will you sell me the models featured on The Brothers Brick?

Unfortunately, no.  With few exceptions, they are one-of-a-kind creations and are not owned by The Brothers Brick.  You can always contact the builder, via whatever website they are using to host their pictures, and see if they are interested in selling their work. We do not sell contributors at this time either. Please stop asking about Simon. We are keeping him.

What is an AFOL?

AFOL is an acronym that stands for Adult Fan of LEGO.  It is a broad term that applies to anyone over 18 years old who is a fan of the LEGO company and/or its products.  Similar terms are ALE (Adult LEGO enthusiast), AFFOL (Adult Female Fan of LEGO), TFOL (Teen Fan of LEGO), KFOL (Kid Fan of LEGO).  There are many kinds of AFOLs including those who build their own creations, those who collect sets, those who customize LEGO elements, etc. It also can stand for Adult Fan Of the Lemur.

Are the contributors of The Brothers Brick actually brothers?

No.  One of us is a sister.

Thank you for your time and messages! Please leave any new questions in the comments below. Josh is having one of his ‘episodes’ and won’t come out of his office. Once he recovers, I will ask him to create me an email address.

9 comments on “Ask a Lemur – Our new intern answers all your questions and more!

  1. Galaktek

    Dear Lemur, I enjoyed your post and hope there will be more! Are you concerned at all about the growth of electronic online comments as a threat to the traditional lemur fan-mail diet?

  2. Bunbrick

    Dear Lemur, do you take Andrew’s Bugatti Veyron apart and wash the pieces individually, then painstakingly put it all back together, or simply wash the MOC as a whole? Does it come with stickering and did he apply these himself, or instead have someone else do it for him? (Simon?) Is it normally displayed on his desk or rather in his driveway, only allowed to be looked at from a perspective distorting angle? Does he often go “vroom..vroom..” while looking at it contentedly from behind his cup of coffee? Most importantly though… what colour(s) is it?!

  3. Minifignick

    Dear Lemur,
    Welcome to The Brothers Brick I’m sure you will be looked after by the kind people there. I know your new but are you allowed to post ? I have e-mailed Tweeted etc etc this little creation of mine I did of the Poppies at The Tower Of London but no action I’ll post the link below tell me what you think and when your allowed please blog it I’ll see your a ring tailed Lemur so I’ll send you arthropods and maybe a few small vertebrates I know you like these as wikipedia told me ! Thanks

  4. theBrickBlogger

    Dear Lemur, I’m disturbed by the fact that your tail doesn’t match the green of the BB logo. Didn’t your mom teach you how to dress? Or maybe you are not who you are saying you are… (c;

  5. Umbra-Manis

    This is a great addition to TBB. (And you have better humor than everyone else) Also can you build with your tail?

  6. LauraL

    Here’s my question- My 9 year old son is totally addicted to Lego. He started a Lego club with his friends where they show and tell their creations, and he will correctly tell them which sets they got which parts from. Probably drives them bananas. I am wondering what I can do to help feed his interest, aside from buying more of the things? I take him to Lego conventions to see the displays, but he’s too young to register. Are there online communities for kids, magazines, etc. I should know about? Thank you!

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