BrickCon 2014 wrap up

BrickCon took place last weekend in Seattle and attracted a healthy crowd of over 400 attendees and over 13,000 public audiences. While it has been 4 years since my last BrickCon, I was happy to reconnect with a lot of people and meet new ones, however briefly, during those 4 days. Below is a summary of my experiences and my favorite displays. Our other contributors will cover some of the collaborations in more detail.


During the set-up days of Thursday and Friday I saw a constant array of new MOCs cropping up on tables as well as bumping into familiar faces. Some of my personal favorites include Breann Sledge‘s Dino Rider featuring an elaborate Rulon’s head that uses gears for teeth. Brian Cooper‘s Teknomecha v.2.0 shows modern changes over the decade-old v.1.0. Some small models also caught my attention including Brandon Walker’s sleek and sturdy space transports or the hilariously mechanized slaughterhouse by Brendan Mauro as part of the Space Vikings display.


I was impressed by the setting of the ceremonies inside a theater. The set that was unveiled at the opening ceremony was 75060 UCS Slave I. Here is my on-site video review of the set.

The public attendance at BrickCon is extremely high. Outsiders had to squeeze through shoulders to get a peek at the displays. Fortunately the balconies served as nice observation points. Not all the builders are able to stay near their display and tolerate the din from the crowd, but that’s what competitions and presentations were for. A life-sized RC R2-D2 and mouse droid by Shawn and Lara Steele entertained the crowd.


My favorite creation was Paul Hetherington‘s townhouse, which features an immaculate modern design and a fully decorated lit-up interior. Paul also won Best in Show (for the 4th time) with his Mouse Guard display.

Some other things to take a gander:

Of course, there are many creations worthy of your attention that simply won’t fit in a wrap up post. You can discover them in the photos from the BrickCon group on Flickr.

4 comments on “BrickCon 2014 wrap up

  1. minifigology

    Thanks for the great review and wrap-up. The photos are great, and I wish I could have been there. Maybe next year.

  2. Carlo

    Yeah I love the slaughter house, totally funny, and if you go one picture to the left, you see a vignette of Tintin in the Land of Black Gold, and if you are Tintin fans such as myself and have read the comic books, you will notice the accurateness of the detail.

  3. Josh

    @Carlos – Glad you liked the BrickCon coverage! We actually posted the TinTin cover awhile back. Paul is quite the accomplished builder. His Mouse Guard MOC won Best in Show at BrickCon this year.

  4. Carlo

    Thank you, yes the Mouse Guard is a well built MOC. Ha ha one of the comments say Thompson and Thomson are not twins (on the awhile back link) Can you do a new post about series twelve minifigures? I am kinda really entranced with them after buying the lifeguard and getting him on Lego Mini-figures Online. I also want codes from minifigure bags to use in the game, so I started a small program where anyone pays me $4 in my neighborhood, and I will buy them a brand new minifig. None of the play LMO, so I am planning to take the codes out so that they don’t get thrown away, and I am not cheating or anything. Have ever met Sean Kenney?

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