You have arrived at your destination

Every new Apple product has it’s (well publicized) teething problems. While my older iPhone has remained un-bent, no matter how many times I put it in my industrial jaw vice, it still to this day enjoys sending me either 1 mile North or South of my intended destination. And Brick Vader clearly knows what I’m talking about, as evidenced by this beautifully put together vignette:

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  1. Tupperfan

    I have only this image to corroborate what happens to people following their apple maps…This:

    It was one of my worker, who, last year, ended up stuck, while lost, 80 kms from where she was supposed to be, and quite deep in the bush in northern Alberta, Canada, because she blindly followed her damn iPhone instead of learning to navigate with maps and features. It took me all night to find her, basically following gut feelings and somewhat triangulating her position with the radio signals that were getting progressively better.

    Had to be shared. That being said, great little scene!

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