A Desert Apprentice

I really like the look and feel of this bit of desert by Jonas Wide. It depicts a merchant’s apprentice as he leads two heavily laden camels across the desert. Jonas really captured the look of wind-swept sand dunes and the subdued color scheme is surprisingly attention-grabbing. I have to admit that the current fad of putting a border around every castle creation is getting old but it really works here. The stark black outline makes the random patterns of the sand dunes pop!

Merchants Apprentice 3

3 comments on “A Desert Apprentice

  1. AK_brickster

    Another terrific build from the Lands of Roawia Guild Hall!

    I really enjoy seeing the non-combat builds that are fostered by the guilds. A nice change of scenery, for sure.

  2. Slickbricks

    I love the way the sand is done, it’s simple but very effective.

    I wish I could come up with ideas like that, I tend to get stuck with a mindset of straight lines and symmetry.

  3. Mnemonyx

    The few exposed studs really capture the coarseness of the sand and contrast with the smoothness of the dunes. Magnificent.

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