Kaneda’s Bike Book Review

The Arvo Brothers published a book on their masterpiece recreation of Kaneda’s Bike from Akira. This is a unique Lego book dedicated entirely to describing one creation while including a full set of instructions. The book is available for €19.99 + shipping and is sold directly from the Arvo Brothers, whom you can reach by email at arvobrothers[at]hotmail.com. Below is my review of the book.



  • Meticulous details documenting building techniques, parts selection, and references to the original model
  • Includes commentary on steps in the instruction manual for an in-depth building experience
  • Includes a parts list and sticker sheet


  • Almost impossible to recreate the model due to lack of availability of the x-pod lids used on the wheels.

This is a well-written book centered on one of the Arvo Brothers’ most iconic and beloved Lego creations. It is obvious that a lot of work went into designing the model and producing the book. It is a good read for fans interested in the minutia of the design process of a top-tier fan model. For those wanting to recreate the model, there is a full set of clear-cut instructions with supporting commentary for an in-depth experience on the build process. However, you will be disappointed to find out that a key element of the model is out of production and nearly impossible to obtain on the aftermarket even if you have money. Because of this detail alone, I hesitate to recommend the book because the majority of its content is dedicated to the instruction set. However, if you are still curious about the design process, this is a publication that will not let down your expectations.

4 comments on “Kaneda’s Bike Book Review

  1. Samwise Gamgee

    Haha! I used to buy so many X-Pods as a kid. They were the best! My favourite one was the dark green one with the dragon.

  2. kircough

    Unless you’re smart and get a few bought before the book came out based on the preview images and articles seen online.

    I built mine and it’s my pride and joy. Dead clever wheel building method.

  3. jizzmirk

    I picked up the book on the first run and picked up the x-pod dishes before the book came out. The part that is very hard to find is the Scala dish in red. I thought about seeing if I could get a grey dish then chrome it out to match my die cast bike.

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