Friday Night Fights – Bionicle Brutes

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another round of Friday Night Fights. Tonight we take a break from system and dive into the wonder world of Bionicle. Let’s go to the tale of the tape.

In the red corner we have Pate-keetongu and his General Killjoy:
General Killjoy
In the gold corner we have Alexander (VBBN)) with his Pallas:

As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding, by way of comment, which of these Bionicle Brutes will win the battle. On the last edition of Friday Night Fights, Fire Trucks, Galaktek’s futuristic firetruck won 7-2. Tune in next week for another action packed edition of Friday Night Fights!

9 comments on “Friday Night Fights – Bionicle Brutes

  1. Dave

    Awwww Dangit. You picked two MOCers that I consider pals(and hope they feel the same about me) so this is going to be really tough! >.<

    Both MOCs use shaping really well to get their point across and the color scheme is well organized on both MOCs as well. When thinking about the NPU's here, Alexander has a bit of an unfair advantage in that he gets early review copies of the new constraction sets, so he had the new bits in his hands to work with before anyone else. And while his use of these new parts is really good, I don't think they quite live up to Belville door blades. Alex uses new parts to fairly standard effect while as Pate uses a rather old obscure part to wonderful effect. I also have to note his blending of system into his MOC, something Alexander's lacks completely. So for these reasons, my vote goes to my Pal in the red corner.

  2. anonymous bob

    I say this with every hesitation and little right (since I have basically no Bionicle or HF skills to speak of) but the garbled piles of armor in Pallas’ shoulders are really a turn-off to me personally. The face is an absolute beauty, but sadly that’s not enough to keep my vote from going to Pate. First there’s the moc’s name, and then the wonderful color scheme (red with trans-blue and gunmetal accents never looked better) and then the greater ratio of Bionicle to HF (which I personally consider a plus) and then I realize he’s using Bellville doors– and I hate those parts (as doors)! They’re big and ugly, but now they have a use! Hooray for Pate and his door-blades!

  3. Micah

    Disappointed in both of these models. Neither one is anywhere near what I would consider high-caliber constraction MOCs. Pate himself has so many better models out there, and there are so many great works floating around. Still consistently disappointed in this site’s constraction coverage.

    My vote goes to Pate because his is far more cohesive.

  4. Micah

    Constraction is LEGO’s term for the constructable action figure lines (BIONICLE, HERO FACTORY, the CHIMA Ultrabuilds, etc). It’s a catch-all term and one that has found a lot of favour in the “BIONICLE” community since the line’s cancellation and the search for a different identity.

  5. Andrew

    Okay. A “Friday Night Fights” post isn’t the place to complain about our coverage of Bionicle (because to us System builders, it’s all Bionicle…), but it’s certainly a true statement about our overall coverage. If you have suggestions for specific Bionicle MOCs we should be covering, by all means, let us know. But this isn’t a Bionicle blog, nor do I intend for it to become so. ;-) Whatever happened to BioniBlog?

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