LEGO Minecraft The End 21107 coming in June

The next set from LEGO Minecraft depicts the dimension known as The End. It will be released in June and retails for $34.99. Here’s the product description:

Once you’ve equipped yourself for the ultimate battle, you’re ready to enter The End. The Ender Dragon is a fearsome foe, and you’d better be prepared for anything when you enter his domain. Now you can relive the adventure of The End with this LEGO micro-world set. The set also includes the Buildable Ender Dragon and Enderman Micromob figures.

LEGO Minecraft The End (21107)LEGO Minecraft The End (21107)

Via The Brick Fan

4 comments on “LEGO Minecraft The End 21107 coming in June

  1. evilspoons

    I actually picked one of these up at the Lego store in Edmonton two days ago, but I haven’t opened it and I’m not able to for a while now.

  2. Deus

    Were dark tan 1×1 tiles a thing? Because when I saw them for the first time in my life here, I was all like “PPPPPFFFFWWWHHHHAAAAAHHH?!”

  3. tyrann

    Available in Toronto too. Picked one up last week. Looks sweeeeeeeeeet with the other 3.

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