Industrial design

Microscale building is most commonly associated with the giant collaborative ‘Micropolis’ city displays at events like Brickworld, where the focus is on gleaming modern architecture. So it’s refreshing to see Flickr member HOEFOL going seriously old school with microscale models of structures from the industrial revolution.

Which of course means factories, mills and a lot of smoke stacks:


But if you weren’t fortunate enough to live in the big city with all those rats and consumption, you might have lived in a farmhouse like one of these (with just the rats):


Not exactly contemporaneous with the others, but here’s a bonus scene entitled “Stranded”. Yup, not even HOEFOL’s cute little canal barge is gonna be able to get you out of this situation!

So much clever part usage in these scenes. I was particularly impressed by the inclusion of window sills, the recessing of the doorways, and use of flowers for the surf effect in that last creation.

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  1. Dave

    Wow these are really cool. I think looking at work like this can really teach a person about how to use small system parts to great effect. I to really dig the use of the flowers for the surf effect. This is a MOCer I need to follow simply because I could learn a lot from their MOCs. Really impressive for such a small scale.

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