Friday Night Fights (Round 31)

Happy New Year Fight Fans! It’s 2014 and we have a long season ahead of us. For tonight’s fight we bring you the duel of the dragons. Let’s go to the tale of the tape:

In the red corner, from the literary scene to the big screen we have Jonas (Legopard) and his Smaug the Stupendous:
Fire and Water

In the opposite blue corner, from the big screen down to the tv screen we have Stormbringer and his Skrill Showdown:
Skrill Showdown

As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor by way of comment. On the last edition of Friday Night Fights, the battle of knights vs demons ended with a score of of 3-1 for Moko’s Knight Gundam. Tune in next week for another action packed edition of Friday Night Fights!

15 comments on “Friday Night Fights (Round 31)

  1. Brengineer

    Smaug and Laketown are cool indeed, but I’m gonna have to vote for the Skrill. That purple, black, and electric-blue color scheme is awesome (not to mention the How to Train Your Dragon reference. I love that movie.).

  2. 4estFeller

    Blue has better dragons, but I like red’s overall scene better. I vote red.

    And while I think it’s great that you are blogging for TBB now Simon, FNF just isn’t the same without Keith.

  3. Modok

    The hovering dragon in Skrill Showdown is very cool, but I’ll go with Smaug the Stupendous by a nose because I just really like Smaug’s form and positioning.

  4. nate_decastro

    Both are awesome. I’ll go with Skrill Showdown: The sense of action in it is superb. The water surging around the rocks is so well done, you can almost feel the ocean spray, hear the rushing wind.

  5. kelemonopy

    Both brill but going to go with “Skrill Showdown” because looks more imposing upon the surrounding enviroment

  6. K

    Both are awesome (obviously) I’d have to go for “Skrill Showdown” for the feeling of epic battle and a nice stony/icy/awesome water(we all love tiled water, and great houses, but the other just say’s “fight!fight! fight!”)

  7. IronBricks

    On the basis that Smaug is a little too small (I know, I’m nitpicking), I’m going with Stormbringer. Both are excellent though.

  8. mpoh98

    Ooh, tough round. Both build are amazing, and both dragons are awesome, but since I can only pick one, I think that I am going to have to go with “Skrill Showdown”, for it’s stupendous dragon designs! I think Jonas had a better build, but Stormbringer’s dragons put it over the top for me. Stormbringer gets my vote!

    Another fantastic round TBB, looking forward to the next one!

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