Friday Night Fights (Round 29)

After a brief hiatus, the Fights return in The Brothers Brick Arena. Join us for another fine night of fancy footwork and flying fisticuffs! Tonight’s matchup is a head-to-head battle of character as Mike Dung takes on Pascal.

In the Red Corner, Mike Dung’s “Kagamine Rin”:

Kagamine Rin

In the Blue Corner, Pascal’s “Claymore”:

The winner of Round 28 was the Airwolf with a score of 11-8. Help decide the winner of this week’s challenge by voting in the comments below. Who will take home the trophy and who one will spend the night crying in their beer?

14 comments on “Friday Night Fights (Round 29)

  1. rkc62

    I love the parts usage on Claymore, but my vote goes to Mike Dung because it portrays so much more than you would expect. Well done to both!

  2. Nicholas

    Ironic yesterday when you posted this it was my patron saint’s feast day SAINT NICHOLAS! Your first name is my last name Pascale (yes, with the feminine version with an “e”) So you represented me in this one—NICHOLAS PASCALe! I have to vote for it! also it is well done simple yet detailed!

  3. Simon

    Both are fantastic,
    But the guitar and base totally wins it for me, I choose Kagamine. Mike has my vote this round.

  4. Ace Carrera

    Claymore’s clean style is distinctive, but Kagamine steals the show with her…er, liveliness.

  5. Dave

    My Vote goes to Mike. Initially I was basing more off of originality but both MOCer’s used characters from existing Animes/mangas or Japanese Pop culture(Pascal with Claymore, which is an anime worth checking out, and Mike with Vocaloid), so it comes down to build. This is where I think MIke’s use of a slightly larger scale pays off. I find more inspired parts usage in his MOC, like the Bow being held on by clip plates. I didn’t even know that could be done. I personally don’t care for that “bend the rules” brick stacking like in the body of the guitar, but that’s just a personal hang up I have. I know a lot of other MOCers are content with using it to get the shape they need. My favorite part is probably the shaping of her hair. Great job MIke. *applauds* I

  6. LucasPargey

    Kagamine Rin’s cool guitar, interesting hair, and well built larger scale beat out Claymore just wasn’t detailed enough to seem like a real competition.

  7. Brengineer

    I’m afraid Kagamine Rin just has so much more detail and PU.
    Perhaps it would have been more fair to pit her against someone like .

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