Series 12 Collectible Minifigures revealed – Abe Lincoln, Shakespeare, Where Are My Pants Guy, more... [News]

Buried in an email from LEGO last Friday was a great picture of the Series 12 Collectible Minifigures that will be released in January 2014. LEGO says, “The collectible series of never-before-seen LEGO Minifigures gets its first Hollywood treatment with an all-star lineup of 16 characters appearing in THE LEGO MOVIE.”

Series 12 Collectible Minifigures

Here’s the official list:

  • William Shakespeare
  • Gail the Construction Worker
  • Panda Guy
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Taco Tuesday Guy
  • Larry the Barista
  • President Business
  • Calamity Drone
  • Marsha Queen of the Mermaids
  • Wild West Wyldstyle
  • Scribbe-Face Bad Cop
  • Velma Staplebot
  • Hard Hat Emmet
  • “Where are my Pants?” Guy
  • Mrs. Scratchen-Post
  • Wiley Fusebot

I’m still not sold on the movie, but I’ll take an official Honest Abe and Bill Shakespeare! And I love the sense of humor in figs like “Where are my Pants Guy. I’m not sure what the movie’s writers are on, but hey, funny figs!

3 comments on “Series 12 Collectible Minifigures revealed – Abe Lincoln, Shakespeare, Where Are My Pants Guy, more... [News]

  1. Carl

    I don’t understand why so many people are excited about an Abraham Lincoln fig. I can’t imagine anything more boring.

    I’m more excited about the Emmett fig. He’s got a helmet with hair. And he looks a right little character, even if he is VERY similar to the every day Lego construction workers.

    The coffee shop bloke looks great. I’ll be buying several of him and mixing up hair and faces for a little coffee shop. That hair piece looks like it could be VERY useful too.

    I’m loving the robot zombie things. That one with the dynamite, beard and, what? Raccoon hat? Looks good.

    The panda guy will e a great addition to the existing mascot / fancy dress characters. They’re a great addition to my London Bus MOC. Like a bit stag party on the move.

    Also loving President Business (great suit), the Hawaiian shirt and another Mexican stereotype to go with the previous. Maybe playing guitars in a Lego street or at a Mexican restaurant? The mugs, iPhones / iPads, panda teddy and clipboard will all be VERY usefull too.

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