Take to the skies with Annushka

I’m starting to think that LUGPol either doesn’t have any sub-standard builders within its ranks, or they kill them off before they can embarrass the group publicly. Either way I’m delighted to present Polish Air Marshall mrutek’s latest effort, a fabulous single-engine biplane called the Antonov An-2. The An-2 was a large, slow flying utility transport used as both a crop-duster and for the deployment of paratroopers. The Guinness Book of World Records states that the 45-year production run for the An-2 was for a time the longest ever, for any aircraft, but it was recently exceeded by the Lockheed C-130 Hercules.

AN2 _3

1 comment on “Take to the skies with Annushka

  1. gev

    That is indeed a very nice build.

    Speaking of awesome Polish builders, anyone know what’s up at http://www.e-klocki.com/?
    When I first found them they had fairly regular stuff for a while, then went quiet, then December came along and they had a flurry of activity including comparing 4 different advent calendars, then a couple more posts, but mostly silent all this year.

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