Green Dragon

I just got back from BrickCon and this beauty, from Tim Goddard (AKA RogueBantha), was waiting for me. Lovely, lovely work. The flexible neck and tail are nice, tight work and I’m very happy that he filled the wings in with actual plate rather than the paper or cloth solution that some people have used.


2 comments on “Green Dragon

  1. Deus

    Green is hard, because it has no clips. Weird how the most stereotypical dragon is so hard to do in LEGO. Harder than gold even. Maybe purple is harder than green. Maybe.

  2. Lyichir

    Deus, what do you mean there are no clips in green? This set uses lots of click hinges in green, but even in regular clips there are 2×1 plates with two clips and the comparable 1×2 with handle. Maybe not the most useful for a smaller dragon, but if you’re building a dragon at this scale those’ll do just fine.

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