“We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical.”

Frequent contributor Chris McVeigh (powerpig) stops by the TBB watchtower with his latest nostalgic model entitled “57 Channels and Nothing On“. I’m sure Springsteen would dig this model, as he no doubt had a similar set growing up in Jersey. The wallpaper is a nice touch, but as a few of the commentators on Flickr pointed out, the table should have been made out of Lego. The builder had some decidedly convenient artistic rhetoric about not wanting to keep the focus on the T.V. but many of us are just not buying it. Come on Chris, nit-picky AFOLs are watching, step up your game before it’s too late. When writing this entry I came across an old posting from 2008 that some of you may find interesting.

57 Channels and Nothing On

“We now return control of your television set to you.”