Lego Minecraft The Nether 21106 [Review]

Lego Minecraft The Nether is among the two new Lego Minecraft sets released in September. The set contains 466 pieces and retails for $34.99, which you can buy from Amazon.

Here is my summary of the highlights of the set, which are elaborated in the review video below.


  • Lots of dark red 1×1 tiles and bricks, the gray and black tiles can also be useful.
  • The 1×1 bright light orange tiles are unique to the set


  • There is limited modularity of the set compared to the other two Minecraft sets
  • The top surface does not have any notable features

This set is not as great as The Village. It has fewer features and modular components. I feel like this is the weakest of the 3 Minecraft sets. It’s a different story if you like dark red of the setting of The Nether. As with Minecraft sets stock can be unpredictable, so now is as good as any time to get it. It does not appear that Lego stores has them for sale.

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