Friday Night Fights (Round 20)

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another low-blow edition of Friday Night Fights! Tonight’s bout features two masters of minimalism willing to put everything on the line for your entertainment. Let’s go to the tale of the tape:

Fighting out of the red corner, from Cheltenham, UK…David Alexander Smith and his “Owl of Minerva“.

The Owl of Minerva

And fighting out of the blue corner, from the cool side of the pillow…the_jetboy and his “Man in the Brown Suit

Agata Christie: Man in the Brown Suit

As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor by way of comment. On the last edition of Friday Night Fights, good triumphed over evil with a score of 7-3. Tune in next week for another action packed edition of Friday Night Fights!

6 comments on “Friday Night Fights (Round 20)

  1. Ace Carrera

    David gets my vote because he’s devoted to this type of LEGO art and it has always been consistently good.

  2. proudlove

    Jetboy gets my vote also. To me, this is the definition of, “NPU.” Not tacking on some rarely used part or non-system accessory, but clean simple use of a common part that seems to beg the question, “why didn’t I think of that?”

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