Fans of LEGO wanted.

TBB regular Tim Zarki (spook) is embarking on a design project this semester which pertains to how we interact with our LEGO collections and how to make that interaction better. He doesn’t want to give away too much information right now, but in these preliminary stages he has created a quick survey. It only took me a few minutes to complete, so if you have a spare moment and would like to help out a fellow LEGO maniac in his studies, please complete the survey via the link below.

*UPDATE – Tim has now received the 1000 survey responses that he required so has closed the survery link. Thank you to everyone that helped him out, I know he appreciated it!


AFOL Design project

Now why didn’t I think of doing projects based on LEGO when I was in school?!?

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  1. Andrew

    For my Honors program History class my sophomore year (ca. 1994), I built a fairly massive LEGO castle and provided well-researched documentation about the structures and key Romanesque architectural details I’d included in my build. My professors were less impressed than I think both the model and the research deserved…

  2. Guss

    Done !
    Can’t wait to see if his desing will be useful to me , I kinda need things to organize my parts!

    BTW Andrew, I don’t understand your comment, how is it related to the survey ?

  3. purf

    How can you tell the amount of bricks you have?
    Say, I can fill a 30x20x15 box to the brim? (minus tyres)

  4. Tromas Post author

    Andrew that actually reminded me that I in fact did use LEGO for a school project once. In grade 4 when we were learning about the fur trade, I built a large Hudson Bay Trading Co. fort that was displayed in the class while we did the unit. My teacher thought that it was such a neat idea that at the end of the school year we had a “Building Day” in my honour, where all the kids could bring LEGO, Tinker Toys, Mechano etc. and we just played all day. I was a class hero.

    Mrs. Zibbins was a good teacher :D

  5. Sarah

    I had no idea how big my Lego collection is. I just guessed between 10,000-50,000 because I’ve seen bigger collections on flickr.

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