TBB Cover Photos – Oh right...it’s August!!

So apparently we were all having too much fun at Andrew’s month long beach party at his villa in Ibiza to realize that we forgot to update our Cover Photos for the month of August. So our most sincere apologies for that oversight…but honestly, I am just going to blame Keith and his margaritas, Nevada boys know how to mix a drink apparently!

So without further ado I am happy to announce the cover photos for the month of September (and the tail end of August).

Josh picked this photo by Tommy M for our Facebook page. Josh figured we could use a little steampunk/floating rock love. The fact that Tommy’s photo is wonderfully edited and fit Facebook perfectly helped too.

Cover Photo

I was left with the responsibility to choose the photo for Twitter. There were several shots that I really liked, but unfortunately didn’t jive well with the Twitter avatar. In the end I choose this brilliant shot by Jonas. Not only are these two wonderfully created models, but the composition of the photo meshed perfectly with the Twitter layout

Which one would you choose?

So thank you again for everyone continuing to contribute to the flickr group. Keep up the with your submissions, and keep in mind quality over quantity!

I promise that we will remember to update the photos in October…hopefully 4 weeks should be sufficient time to recover from Keith’s margaritas.

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