VEM1200 GS搭載艇

Our next featured model comes from legorobo:waka, a builder who has been blogged 8 times by 7 different Brothers this year alone. My addition to the bandwagon legorobo:waka’s fantastic anime-inspired drop-ship posted a few weeks ago called the VEM1200 GS搭載艇, which can transport 5 mecha to far flung battlefields or even your home prefecture, if necessary.


The model was on display at a recent fan gathering in Nagoya Japan on August 17. I don’t have much in the way of detail on the event (I wasn’t able to contact the builder), but maybe one of our constant readers can offer some insight. As one might expect the mecha display looks like it was mind-blowing.


2 comments on “VEM1200 GS搭載艇

  1. XGundam05

    Not to be a downer, but the bottom image is of Zizy’s work. The top is definitely Legorobo:Waka, but the bottom is definitely Zizy (Specific giveaways: the first red one on the bottom of the image from the left, blue/white one just above it, red one with Big-O style hands).

  2. Keith Goldman Post author

    ^That’s not really being a downer, just accurate. I didn’t mean to imply that everything in the photo was Legorobo:Waka’s, thanks for the clarification. Can you spot anyone any other specific builder in the shots from the convention? It would be cool to know.

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