An Unfortunate Encounter

Here is one of my own creations. I have wanted to illuminate a build entirely from below ever since transparent baseplates became readily available. So now I’ve finally got around to it. This scene depicts a lone wizard as he deals with the attack from a rather unwise assassin. The entire “landscape” is built on transparent baseplates. The white tree leaves are built onto black tree trucks so that the trucks would be harder to see and the foliage would appear to float above the scene. Lastly the whole scene is built up above the light-source, which has a sheet of transparent blue plastic covering it, for the diffused blue glow. If you want a challenge, give something like this a try. It definitely required a different approach!

Forest Encounter

4 comments on “An Unfortunate Encounter

  1. AK_brickster

    *in most esoteric-sounding voice*

    “It is….. whatever you want it to be. It means….. whatever you want it to mean.”

  2. Josh Post author

    @4estFeller – The Wizard (on the left) has pulverized the Assassin (smeared across the ground) while both of them are still surrounded by the after-glow of the spell.

    @AK_Brickster – Nice voice!

  3. spunkycomics

    As interesting as I think this build technique is, unfortunately the exposure just isn’t cutting it for me in the picture. Very hard to tell what I’m looking at.
    Very neat idea for the effect though! I’ll have to try that out

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