LEGO CUUSOO Back to the Future box art revealed [News]

While official details remain somewhat sketchy, high-res box art is now everywhere online for the forthcoming LEGO CUUSOO set #4. Behold 21103 LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine.

LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean

The DeLorean, Marty McFly, and Doc Emmet Brown are sitting here next to me as I type this, so look for a full review of this new set in the next day or so, once the official info is due to be released.

Also, remember that this week is San Diego Comic-Con, so check back here on TBB for full coverage of official announcements as well as on-the-scene reporting by TBB contributors attending in person.

16 comments on “LEGO CUUSOO Back to the Future box art revealed [News]

  1. Curtis

    It’s a shame none of the 4 sets produced through CUUSOO are original ideas. It’s also a shame this set doesn’t look anything like a DeLorean.

  2. Sarah

    I look forward to the review since the box art doesn’t seem like it has much play value. Just because the form it shows you can’t drive the car around. Mr. Fusion doesn’t look right to me either. I’d like to see how the mini figs fit in the car as well.

  3. Nolnet

    When the idea of cuusoo came up for the first time, I figured it wasn’t for me. It still isn’t. It’s annoying, really, but whatever works for TLG and maybe even helps to create more fans is fine with me. I’ll just gonna be a good fan and keep trying to ignore it.

  4. Hoexbroe

    When wannabe fans see this, they┬┤re gonna to be ex-fans directly, skipping the “fan” part… :-/

  5. Nolnet

    To be fair, the problem is not that this doesn’t look like a DeLorean, but that a DeLorean looks nothing like a Lego car. Lego cars have vertical sides and windscreen elements and seat one minifig in the middle. Scale models, of course, don’t.

    It is for a reason that Lego sets which are designed after real cars usually come in a much larger scale, like the Lamborghini, or the technic F1 cars. The compromise of making this set smaller and more affordable has taken it’s toll.

  6. stevethesquid

    The creator of this is probably mortified, if only for that nasty hood. It is seriously disgusting, I don’t know why they had to change it.

    In any case, how did you get the set so fast? Lucky you :P

  7. Andrew Post author

    ^ Advance copy received from LEGO.

    Keep the questions coming, everybody! I’m writing the review now, and I’ll try to answer as many questions as possible in the review.

  8. Breaker

    Ugh. That is just so awful. I dont think Ive seen a Lego set quite this bad before. Its not just the woeful bonnet but what the heck are they playing at with the roof? All the Cussoo stuff has been pretty weak. Due to the voting system things which appeal to the widest audience get chosen. Not an awful system but it means we’ll get loads of kitsch lego sets of 80’s tv shows and computer games rather than great kits.

  9. Josh

    @Breaker – I don’t think the Haybasa or Shinkai were weak sets and they weren’t based on 80s movies or video games. I also think the Minecraft set was quite good.

    This Delorean is pretty bad (the original is way better) but that doesn’t mean all the Cuusoo sets are weak, in my opinion.

  10. Sarah

    @Breaker maybe you need to look Cuusoo more. There is a lot more than just 80s stuff there.

    I thought it was silly to vote up sets like Shaun of the Dead because not only was it an older movie, it had an adult rating and at a mini fig scale not the thing to market to 8 year olds.
    I love the Back to the Future movies and think they would appeal to 8 year olds(I was about 8 when I saw them) but they are nearly 30 years old and I haven’t heard talk of more Back to the Future being made such as when the Star Wars sets came out. So unless the kid has geeky parents they probably are going to ignore a Back to the Future set on the shelf because they’ve never heard of it.

    Again, about the car, it looks more like DeLorean from Back to the Future 2, with Mr. Fusion and all, then why is Marty still wearing his orange vest?

  11. bruce n h

    Disappointing design. There are several better looking versions on Flickr, including the original Cuusoo submission.

    Andrew, I’ve seen a picture of what looked like this design in three different variations. Does the set actually come with three different sets of instructions for the three movies? If so, does it include variations on the figs, as seen in the original Cuusoo submission?

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