The Brothers Brigade

Well boys and girls, there is a new super hero team in town. If you thought The Avengers or Justice League were cool, just take a look at The Brothers Brigade. Twelve super powered, super cool individuals from around the World (well, most of them are from the U.S., but they do have three token foreigners). They are fighting evil and taking names.

The Brothers Brigade

Full Character Bios:
Front Row (L-R)
Tripod, Gold Member, Mad Physicist
Second Row (L-R)
Artist, The Stud, El Capitan
Third Row (L-R)
The Surgeon, Archaeology, Knight Farmer
Back Row (L-R)
Justice of Space, Mr. Naked Train, Death Pixie

4 comments on “The Brothers Brigade

  1. Keith Goldman

    I’m truly jealous of Mr. Naked Train…best name, most accurate hair…and the power of flight. As if I wasn’t jealous of Tim enough already.

    It looks like The Stud is about to clock me with his club o’ death. I hope he got his signed cards back or that might be it for me.

    Thanks for the ‘fro Tripod, I’ve always wanted one, and a trans-blue ice-axe!

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