Brickworld walkthrough videos

For those who weren’t at Brickworld two weeks ago, there are two walkthrough videos of the convention by Paul Vermeesch and Josh Hanlon. The video by Paul features two narrators, Max Pointner and Ian Spacek, in an edited coverage of the exhibit hall. The other video by Josh features himself and Matthew Kay as the commentators in an in-depth look at many of the creations on display. Sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy the best MOCs that Brickworld has to offer!

4 comments on “Brickworld walkthrough videos

  1. Deus

    At about (maybe ten seconds earlier) 5’00” the dude in the orange shirt in the background looks kind of like he was eating LEGO bricks… It looks almost like an image from Dante’s Inferno or something…

  2. NeXT-Generation

    14,00 in video two… wth? Practicing for the pinewood derby race with a LINE FOLLOWING robot‽

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