King Riccardo

Sometimes the right photo can make all the difference. This photo was posted by Bio Master last week and I decided not to blog the creation because the builder referred to it as a “preview”. Although the finalized photos of this vision in gold were posted during the week, I don’t think any of them can match the power of the original teaser shot.


TBB seems to be at odds with the Bionicle building community of late, and from my limited perspective they seem very difficult to please. Bionicle builders get upset when you don’t blog Bionicle…they get upset when you blog the wrong Bionicle…they get upset if you use the wrong title…it’s all terribly exhausting. My personal message to the Bionicle community is this: “Lighten up, Francis“.

3 comments on “King Riccardo

  1. stevethesquid

    Haha we are being a bit pissy :P Unfortunately, in my experience, this defines the bionicle community; strong ties, yet everyone’s always either at odds with or jealous of everyone else. We can be pretty damn materialistic and hard to please, despite the fact that it’s pretty much all guys. XD

  2. Banjax

    I think you guys are doing a pretty good job of blogging Bionicle stuff. Or at least good enough of a job for me to make an account to tell you you’re doing a good job.

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