Shinjen the Samurai

Facebook tipster Curtis D Collins is pretty sure that Shinjen the Samurai is fit for your discerning consumption. Curtis, if you’re wrong about this one buddy, that’s it for you. You’ll never get so much as a toe in the revolving door of TBB Headquarters. Your name will be no good in this town. The constant readers of this site will decide your fate as a tipster for TBB in the comments. Even their silence can be deadly.

Shinjen the Samurai

I happen to love this model by Vlad Lisen (Rhymes_Shelter), and I think the readers will too. That face! You’re probably safe this time Collins…but watch your step my friend, especially around Tripod and Gould, those two are spoiling for a fight.

7 comments on “Shinjen the Samurai

  1. Sid Sidious

    So you’re saying the fate of a potential blogger’s future rests in my hands? A long forgotten vendetta against all people whose screen name can also be acronyms for government agencies can destroy or make a future? I’ll have to think about this more.

  2. Keith Goldman Post author

    No, I’m talking about his fate as a “tipster” who can suggest models for bloggage. I don’t think there are any plans in the works to bring on a new Brother, we’re all still trying to adjust to Wreck-it-Ralph and his idiosyncrasies. I hadn’t considered the acronym issue, it does indeed require further rumination.

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