Friday Night Fights

The Brothers Brick is proud to be broadcasting live tonight from Caesar’s Palace in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. In tonight’s edition of Friday Night Fights we bring you a heavyweight bout between two veteran builders in the prime of their careers.

Fighting out of the red corner…from parts unknown or perhaps even from beyond the graverongYiren’sThey’ve Sprouted Wings“.

They've Sprouted Wings

And fighting out of the blue corner…from the school of hard knocks John Stephens (-=Steebles=-) and his “Skulls Gang Member & Swoop Bike

Skulls Gang Member & Swoop Bike

I cast you, constant reader, in the role of judge. Render your decision, whether it is TKO, a narrow victory or even in a worst case scenario a spit decision. Don’t be concerned fellow LEGO-nerds, it’s just for laughs.

8 comments on “Friday Night Fights

  1. Nohands99

    rongYiren did an amazing design however this Steebles character has really refined his craft. I give the Skulls Gang a resounding victory.

  2. Steebles

    Can I vote for myself? :)

    Thanks for the blog post – it’s exciting to finally see my work on this site!

  3. Galaktek

    Fight! Fight! They’re both lovely but my vote is for the biker. (FYI the second photo links to rongYiren’s flickr page also.)

  4. Keith Goldman Post author

    Damn, I have got to stop drinking and posting before Becraft gives me the bum’s rush. Three spelling mistakes and a jacked up link…get it together Goldman!

  5. I.Find.Your.Lack.Of.Brick.Disturbing

    I really liked Steebles use of the lighsaber handles and the harpoon, although rongYiren’s work on his creatures feet is equally impressive. Overall i think steebles won, but it was a close fight.

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