Powerpig’s Commodore 64 is powered by 8 bits of awesome

Every aspiring geek back in the early to mid-80’s wanted an Apple II or Apple Macintosh, but they were pretty darn expensive. For those of us who grew up back then without an early Apple, a solid consolation prize was the Commodore 64. I learned Morse code for my amateur radio exam by playing a game on our C64.

Chris McVeigh (powerpig) continues his series of lovely vintage computers with a LEGO version of this classic machine. Chris has captured the shape of the C64’s case and all its details wonderfully, from the logo and power light to the studs-up keyboard.

64 Kilobricks

Chris has titled his photo “64 Kilobricks,” which is wonderfully clever, but I couldn’t work out a way to steal it for my own post title…

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