Announcing the Wrath of the Titans Contest

Are you already getting tired of the MocAthalon? Then I’ve got good news for you. Simon Pickard and James Pegrum, both active members of the Greco-Roman LEGO group, are organising a contest that strikes me as new and original. No, it’s not about wrestling; the aim is to create a LEGO scene that depicts an event involving the titans of ancient Greece.
Wrath of the Titans Contest
If this has made you curious, see the contest rules on flickr and let’s get ready to rumble!

4 comments on “Announcing the Wrath of the Titans Contest

  1. CatJuggling

    It’s not that I’m getting sick of the contests, though they do seem endless; or the creations that come from them, which can be epic. I’m sick of feeling like a total poser for barely building anything! :p

  2. Andrew

    Yes, it seems like every month brings a new build-off, new contest, or new challenge. It’s great to get lots of people building, but it can be wearing when everybody builds the same thing…

    Thanks for posting this, Ralph! I hadn’t run across this yet.

  3. MatthewM

    As a member of the Greco-Roman Group committee I just wanted to thank Ralph for posting this for us. :)

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