Little Green Army Men – The Darker Side

Moritz (nolnet) has created an assortment of thought provoking scenes. I respect the fact that he has left out any sort of description and instead allows the viewer to come to their own conclusion…I will do the same.

Toy Soldiers: The Enhanced Interrogation

Toy Soldiers: The Lasting Memories

You must be sure to click through the full photoset.

7 comments on “Little Green Army Men – The Darker Side

  1. Tromas Post author

    ^ Totally agree Andrew. Crazy how powerful these images are…certainly some of the most powerful LEGO images that I have seen for a while.

  2. MikeDoyle

    I like it. It’s what we did and continue to do.
    What is horrible is glorifying war and soldiers as kid toys like corp America has done for generations. Those are the sick ones.

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