Fun Figs

I made mention in my post of Peter’s mecha that I really appreciate all the great minifig head designs that LEGO has been putting out. Well that sentiment can be taken one step further with respect to minifig parts in general. And I can’t think of anyone that makes that any more obvious than Hammerstein NWC.

I know some people tend to look down on fig-only creations, but I think minifigs can be great fun to fiddle with, and also challenging to come up with unique combinations. By mixing and matching the vast assortment of both official minifig pieces and the odd third-party accessory, he truly creates some fantastic characters with a tonne of personality. I am always impressed by the unique choices he makes. I have told him that he needs to build vehicles to go along with them, but even if he doesn’t listen to me, I am still happy to look at just the figs.

Vile Creatures of Brickdom

Monsters of Myth and Legend

Captain Goldborg & U-Haul Inc.

Figbarfs Set

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  1. CatJuggling

    I totally agree with the idea of building minifigs being a fun challenge. I know that so many people in the world thing LEGO has “ruined the fun” by making so many specifically designed pieces, especially for minifigs. I’ve always felt that just ups the opportunity to do something new an interesting.

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