Rest in peace, Mike Crowley

Mike Crowley passed away yesterday. He was my friend.

Mike leaves a legacy behind in the LEGO community. So many of us were blessed with his friendship and presence, and his absence due to illness in recent years has been noted. He was such a big personality with such a passionate, caring heart. This world is a little dimmer without him in it.

His activities with NELUG notwithstanding, Mike was a prolific and brilliant builder. His flickr stream is filled with such innovative uses for parts that showed such character for what he was trying achieve with anything he tried.

Beyond his building, beyond his artistic talent, Mike is, was, and always will be a friend first and foremost. In looking back, my memories aren’t always of the incredible things he built. My memories are of laughter until our sides hurt; of feather-boas and tiaras. Of a harrowing van-trip through downtown Portland accompanied by Lonely Island’s “I’m On a Boat.” My memories are of Chinese food, and the EMP. Of “confessions” at T.S. McHughs over nachos. Of late nights at LEGO fan conventions (which many attendees will tell you flat out that the brick is nice, but the friends are better).

My memories are of late night talks, of LEGO and music, movies and TV, of life and relationships. Of finding a way to make everything so bright when it should have been dark.

Mike made such an impact in my life, and the lives of others. All of us here at The Brothers Brick knew and admired him as a person and as a builder. He’ll be sorely missed.

I invite you to share your own stories and memories of Mike in the comments.

You can also read Mike’s obituary, along with details about funeral arrangements and donations, on the funeral home’s website.

8 comments on “Rest in peace, Mike Crowley

  1. Andrew

    Mike was one of the first people I became friends with in the online LEGO fan community, way back in the earliest days of FBTB. We didn’t meet in person until BrickCon 2006, but afterward I always looked forward to seeing him again with each passing convention.

    Caylin alludes to a wonderful excursion to a Chinese restaurant that she, Mike, Josh, and I embarked on during BrickFest 2007 in Portland, Oregon. We hopped the MAX for a couple of stops and got off somewhere that looked like it might have better food than the places around the Oregon Convention Center, ending up at a Chinese restaurant called “House of Louie” of all things. Oddly, there was already a LEGO horse sitting on the wall near us as we ate.

    What I remember most about Mike is his irrepressible sense of humor. Though he never complained, Mike didn’t avoid talking about his health issues among friends in person, and yet his quick wit was always one step ahead of everyone — even if the quip was as non-verbal as a smirk or a raised eyebrow.

    The last time I saw Mike was at BrickCon 2008. I wish I’d had more time with Mike, and I’ll miss him terribly.

  2. Keith Goldman

    I had the good fortune to meet Mike at a convention a few years ago. He was one of those people who could make you feel like an old friend within minutes of meeeting. I first saw him in the parking lot outstide the venue, where he delighted a small group of people by performing an immaculate back-flip off the tailgate of a friend’s truck. Mike definitely had a way of making people laugh, and bringing them together. RIP.

  3. DarkkosiS

    Although I never had the chance to meet him in person, Mike was like a brother to me via the virtual world, especially when he was on the top of his game. He was genuine, cheerful, brilliant, spontaneous and a world class builder IMHO.
    My sincere condolences to his family, friends and fans.

    Gone too soon… He’ll be dearly missed…

  4. Tromas

    Sadly, I never interacted with Mike online. However, I have been a longtime fan of his work. I always loved the quirky and goofy personality that came through in his builds. His models were guaranteed to put a smile on my face! From reading everyone’s posts on flickr, Facebook and here, it is clear to see that he was a wonderful person and a cherished friend. My thoughts go out to all who were close to him.

  5. Josh

    Mike was an incredible man. Words really can’t express how much of an impact he had on those around him and on me during years I knew him.

    He was one of the nicest people I’ve had the honor of meeting in this hobby. Of course watching him build at conventions was an amazing experience, but just hanging out with him was a joy and a pleasure.

    I will miss him intensely and I will probably always subconsciencely look for him at Cons. He was not able to attend for the last couple of years but there will be a permenant hole in them from now on.

    Rest in Peace…

  6. gambort

    Although the circumstances are terrible, it’s wonderful being reminded of the legacy CountBlockula left behind. He was one of the greatest talents in the community from all the way back to when it was small. And his skill stood the test of time.

    I did not have the chance to meet him, but like everyone else I admired him for his fantastic nature, and excellent skill. He will be missed.

    I wish his family and friends all the best, and know that their memory of Mike will keep him alive forever in some small way.

  7. Creative Anarchy

    I never knew Mike. I wish I did. I wish I had more real connections in the community. I did know Count Blockula, usually from Flickr and posts here on occasion. And in a way I always will. It’s tragic that we lost a member and to many of us a friend but in the record and memories of what Mike built will far outlast him, perhaps outlast us all. Our lives are often unglamorous and many of us leave very little in our wake but take heart that what we build both in bricks and in community does live on.

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