Hobbits hide from Ringwraiths in gorgeous LOTR diorama

Speaking of challenges, I wish more people would build LEGO Lord of the Rings models. It’s such a rich world, full of both fantastic landscapes and wonderful architecture. Xenomurphy rises to the occasion with this diorama featuring the scene in which the Hobbits hide from a Ringwraith while trying to escape the Shire.

LEGO LOTR diorama

As much as I love the beautiful shot above showcasing the LEGO diorama itself, what really grabbed my attention was this gorgeous poster, created with nothing but LEGO, a bit of smoke, and some afternoon sunshine — no photo editing:

LEGO LOTR poster

1 comment on “Hobbits hide from Ringwraiths in gorgeous LOTR diorama

  1. soccerkid6

    I was just thinking this would be a neat scene to be done in LEGO, Xenomurphy captured it perfectly.
    I have a LOTR build in the works myself…

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