Isla Guadalupe, a Keith Goldman Production

…well and Mike Rutherford too ;)

Keith Goldman (Don Quixote 2×4) unfailingly puts out absolutely brilliant large scale dioramas. His latest one was a collaboration between he and Mike Rutherford (Seadog1098again). Keith said that this work was pretty well the brainchild of Mike. In his own words:

“Rutherford was the driving force on this effort and definitely deserves all credit/blame for the overall concept. With limited access to his bricks (weekends) Mike once again found himself in a position to talk more than build, but I think it worked out within our constraints for this particular project.”

I agree 100% Keith…this most definitely worked!!!

No matter what the subject matter, whether it be apes, spaceships, and anything in between, Keith’s ability to portray a story is second to none.

Isla Guadalupe

One of my favourite things about these displays is the propensity to arrange the minifigs into vignettes within the larger overall diorama. There are micro stories to be found within the larger work…and it is always fun to find them all :D

Isla Guadalupe

You simply must be sure to check out all the pictures in the photo set.

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  1. keith_goldman

    ^Hey Steve it was great to meet you in person, one of the highlights of the weekend in fact. I can’t tell you how many happy hours I spent playing Car Wars and G.E.V. back in the day. Best of luck with your new Kickstarter project, it will be great to see the games available again. As it happens though, you are half wrong about the diorama. There was no award for Isla Guadalupe, not even a nomination unless you count (best boat) which it lost to an old crony-built steam-boat.

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