When ugly becomes pretty.

Shannon Sproule (Shannon Ocean) gave me some sage advice when I was trying to no avail to build a real world starfighter. He told me “to make it look ugly”. I knew exactly what he meant, yet I still find that I have trouble with it…perhaps that is because I am so pretty ;)

But one thing is for sure, Shanno can make ugly look like a Victoria’s Secret model…

JAXA Japanese Lunar starfighter vessel

Lunar recon drone

He has already posted his two entries to the contest, so that means I have full reign to post these. Which is great, because I have been wanting to feature literally every entry on here…I have been sitting on my hands for too long now. So thanks Shanno, I am glad you still feel the need to build these. You keep building them, and I will keep smilin’!!

…and for the record I am not saying that Shannon isn’t pretty too!

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  1. 5erty

    But one thing is for sure, Shanno can make ugly look a Victoria’s Secret model…

    I think this should be worded as can make ugly look *like a …


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