The turquoise roofs of Grim Hollow

I wouldn’t be surprised if by some algorithm Luke Watkins (Derfel Cadarn) turned out to be the hottest castle builder at the moment. I’m indeed talking about looks, the looks of his MOCs that is. Always finding new ways to build, Luke in his latest MOC shows that even turquoise can belong to a castle creation. I was initially baffled by this, but the more I look at it the more I’m beginning to fall in love.

My enjoyment of the colors on this build reminded me of the waterfall house by Rocko that I liked for the same reason.

2 comments on “The turquoise roofs of Grim Hollow

  1. mephistopheles

    Derfel Cadarn is just the most outstanding castle builder. His work inspired me to get all my LEGO out of the boxes. He turned me into an AFOL and with each of his new creations he makes become even more of a Fan.

  2. manofredearth

    While beautiful, it’s really common for anyone familiar with tabletop wargame terrain, especially Warhammer. Still, fantastic.

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