Western Town on LEGO Cuusoo

While I’m fairly sure I blogged this model when it came out, I’ve decided to join a campaign by (so far) Eurobricks and Brickset in pushing it on LEGO Cuusoo. So if you’d like one of these in your home, go vote for it.

1 comment on “Western Town on LEGO Cuusoo

  1. MarshalBanana

    Thank you for your amazing support. I think cuusoo is a fantastic tool for us – the LEGO Fans.

    If we manage to drawn together and pushing outstanding projects and ideas, like this, then we’ve the chance to get some really interesting new sets, new IPs and parts for everyone. But we have to use this tool together to make thinks happen.

    That the community has chosen my project is thrilling and exciting. That’s a big, big compliment. There are some really good ideas on cuusoo still under the radar. So go over to cuusoo, explore these projects, vote for them and most important have fun! Thanks again you guys are awesome!

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