Official LEGO Moleskine notebooks coming in March 2012 [News]

For the past decade or so, I’ve done all of my writing in nothing but Moleskine notebooks. Moleskines have never been more than an arm’s length away, accompanying me on trips to England, New Zealand, and Ireland, capturing details and inspiration for my life on the literary fringe. Occasionally, I’d jot down ideas for LEGO builds.

With the upcoming release of officially licensed LEGO Moleskine notebooks, I’ll have a dedicated place to put my lists of micro-space ship classes, World War II vehicles, plans for next year’s collaborative display, and sketches of interstellar refueling depots.

LEGO Moleskine collection

All four are available for pre-order on

I’ve ordered all four, and I’ll let you know what I think when they arrive.

4 comments on “Official LEGO Moleskine notebooks coming in March 2012 [News]

  1. Ramone

    I too thought it was weird that graph paper wasn’t an option. Why is it always the obvious ones that seem to escape the powers that be?

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