Teens send Lego minifig into space

Two 17-year-olds from Toronto made a balloon to fly a minifig and camera 24 kilometers into the air. Check out the news article for photos and a video of this amazing feat.

Via Toys N Bricks

8 comments on “Teens send Lego minifig into space

  1. blake

    Very cool! I wonder how far down range the rig landed and what they used to track the landed rig, a phone?

  2. Morgan19

    What a wonderful story. Make sure you watch the video, too; the shots of it going up past the cloud cover and then with the earth’s curvature behind it are just crazy!

  3. Tromas

    @ Blake – The article said that they did use a GPS enabled cell phone to track it. But they also used a weather balloon tracking site which estimates the landing area based on current wind direction etc. It ended up landing 122km from where it was launched.

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